Pink Me Again Shea Butter for Lips - Organic Lip Butter

Hydrates & Reduces pigmentation

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Benefits of Ikkai Lip Butter: Hydrates Lips, Reduces Pigmentation, Nourishes dry lips
Ikkai Lip Butter Key Ingredients - Beet Root, Shea Butter, Kokum Butter
Ikkai Lip Butter is smooth, lightweight and buttery.
Pink Me Again Lip Butter has organic goodness of beetroot juice, shea butter and kokum butter.
Pink Me Again Lip Butter/Lip Balm
Ikkai Promise: Our Products are suitable for all skin types, cruelty free, preservative free, eco friendly, organic and harmful chemical free.
Pink Me Again Lip Butter/Lip Balm
Ikkai Pink Me Again Lip Butter for smooth and hydrated lips
Ikkai Lip balm

Pink Me Again Shea Butter for Lips - Organic Lip Butter

Hydrates & Reduces pigmentation

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Perfect your pout with something extra special – the Ikkai Pink Me Again Lip Scrub.

Its creamy formula gently scrubs away dead skin cells to make your lips feel smooth and crack-free! Made with natural ingredients, it nourishes and protects your lips to be their pouty, pink self!

How to Use

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What is it?

Your lips are better with some butter. Dab in some Pink Me Again Shea Butter for lips to moisturize and nourish your lips while dosing in plenty of hydration. A magical mix of beetroot, shea butter and essential oils, it nourishes, restores, and supports skin's natural moisture barrier. It helps reduce pigmentation and makes lips soft, smooth, and pink. Pose, pout and be picture-ready with buttery-soft lips.

Buttery, long-lasting, and lightweight lip balm for soft, supple lips! Naturally colours the lips while keeping them fresh and moist. Pink Me Again Shea Butter for lips is safe and can be used multiple times a day

Why You Should Buy It


Benefits for your skin

  • Deeply nourishes and makes lips plump and supple
  • Moisturizes flaky, dry, chapped lips
  • Locks in the moisture
  • Intensely hydrating
  • Nourishes chapped lips by preventing water loss
  • The organic goodness of beetroot helps lighten lip pigmentation while Kokum and shea butter for lips make your lips soft and smooth Organically formulated
  • Harmful Chemical and Preservative Free
  • Not Tested on animals"

Customer Reviews

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Julie da Rocha

If you're in search of a lip moisturizer that delivers unparalleled hydration and keeps your lips soft and supple, look no further than Lip Butter. As a devoted advocate of well-nourished lips, I've tried my fair share of products, and this lip butter has become my go-to choice.

Madhuri Sharma

Look no further than Lip Butter for the ultimate smooth lip solution. As a self-proclaimed lip care aficionado, I have tried numerous products, but none have left my lips feeling as velvety and nourished as this one.

Evita D

If you struggle with pigmented lips and have been searching for a solution to even out their tone, the Lip Butter formulated to reduce pigmentation is here to revolutionize your lip care routine. Having battled with pigmentation myself, I was eager to put this product to the test.

Arya Memon

If you're on the quest for the perfect lip care solution, look no further than the Lip Butter. As a self-proclaimed lip care enthusiast, I've tried my fair share of products, but this lip butter truly stands out from the rest. Must try.

Reshma Salunkhe

As someone who values natural and organic skincare products, I recently had the pleasure of trying out an exceptional product Lip Butter. This nourishing lip care essential has quickly become a staple in my daily beauty routine. Highly recommended.

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