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    Lip Mask - Buy Lip Mask Online In India At Ikkai

    From Sheet Masks to Foaming Masks, to Peel-Off Masks, there's so much for our skin, but wait, did you ever really put any of these on your lips? If not, then don't you think your lips should also have a moment of pampering, just like your skin does?

    If you think Yes, then read on to find something just for your lips, because we do believe that they deserve this treat too.

    What's a Lip Mask and Do You Really Need it?

    Just like there's a mask for your skin concerns, there are lip masks for the lips too. But what about the concern? Do we actually need a lip repair mask?

    We often neglect the fact that our lips are the most sensitive part of our body, with the thinnest layers of skin, and just like your skin gets damaged over time, your lips get damaged too.

    Matte products, tinted lip colors, and after-effects of any makeup products can leave your lips dry, discolored, and peeling. And not just that, our daily habits and harsh environment can affect our lips in so many ways, leaving them looking pale and lifeless.

    To restore moisture and make your lips look healthy and pink again, you should definitely try a moisturizing lip mask. But are there any special kinds of masks for your lips? If yes, then what's the best lip treatment mask that you should choose?

    Yes, Lip Masks exist and Yes, they have types too!

    There are hydrogel patches, saturated with a serum that can be placed over the lips to make them softer, smoother, and plumper. But just like sheet masks, these are one-time use products and have to be thrown away after one use, which is not so feasible for either our environment or our pocket.

    So what can you do?

    Get yourself a creamy lip moisturizer mask, these come packed in tiny jars and can be used multiple times, the best thing is that you can use them anytime, anywhere, just like your regular lip balm.

    Are Lip Masks different from Lip Balms?

    Yes, Lip Masks are a creamier and thicker version of lip balms with extra nourishing ingredients and longer stay power. Although these are meant to be used as overnight repair masks, but because their texture is somewhat similar to other lip care products, you can use them anytime, and these will keep your lips looking well-hydrated and moisturized throughout the day.

    What's the Best Lip Mask to Repair and Protect Lips?

    Anything that's lightweight and super nourishing is the best lip mask for dry lips. Because lip masks are usually a little thicker than regular lip care products, you should make sure that the texture should be the right kind of creamy, so it can glide smoothly over your lips and not just protect them from outside, but should also repair and heal them from inside.

    Don't worry about finding the right lip mask because we've something that's exactly what you're looking for.

    Ikkai's Pink Me Again Lip Sleeping Mask is perfectly creamy and moisturizing, just how it should be.

    It has the nourishing goodness of Kokum Butter whipped with the antioxidant-rich Grapefruits, blended well in a rich and velvety texture that feels like an absolute delight for your lips.

    Pink Me Again is specially made to repair and care for chapped, dry and dark lips to make them pink, plump and supple over time.

    Are you excited to try this yummy lip dip?