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    Face Wash- Buy Organic Face Wash Online In India At Ikkai Beauty

    You may think like cleansing is the most basic and boring part of your routine, but as new products with improved formulas keep rolling into the cleansing department, it's become fun and interesting to use them and try out how one is different from the other. But here's the dilemma, we want to try them all but due to regular switching of products, we can't really notice what actually worked and what didn't.

    As we go into discussing this, it's also very clear that most of us don't get bothered to check if a cleanser/ face wash is actually suitable or made for our skin type, we just think it's any regular cleanser and would do what it says, clean our skin.

    This is actually where it all goes wrong because when the first step isn't done right, you can't expect the rest of your skincare routine to work as effectively as it should.

    So what should we do?

    Find your Right Cleanser/ Face Wash

    In case you're wondering if it would really make a difference, try it out by yourself. The first thing that you should look for in any cleanser is that it should be very gentle and non-stripping. 'Stripping' basically means sucking the natural oils and making skin really very dry, which we think is 'normal' with cleansers, but it's not and shouldn't be.

    The best face wash should be as mild as it can be, very hydrating and comfortable, even better if it's pH balancing.

    The next part is the real deal, and you need a little checklist for that. Besides finding the right cleanser as per your skin type, keep a check on these things,

    • It should be hydrating
    • The fragrance should be very very light, (if it has to be there)
    • Avoid anything with micro-beads, it's not required in an everyday cleanser and can be harsh
    • Avoid cleansers that come with brush tops, you don't need that harsh scrubbing every day
    • Check for the ingredients and first understand what your skin actually needs

    Now when you are almost done, here are a few recommendations from our side, we promise all of these are super-gentle and pH balancing.

    We Have Something For You

    Ikkai has recently launched three different variants of pH balancing facewash and all of these are super gentle and nourishing. Starting with,

    Grapefruit Margarita Face Wash

    Rich in antioxidants and vitamins, Grapefruit Margarita has Grapefruit extracts that nourish and revive your skin while helping to even out the skin tone for a smooth, healthy-looking complexion. It's suitable and gentle for all skin types.

    Mint Mojito Face Wash

    Packed with juicy Lemons and refreshing Mint extracts, Mint Mojito is a hydrating mocktail face wash with a boost of freshness for oily/ combination skin. Also, it helps balance oils and fades acne spots and scars. It will help control excess oil and is a gentle face wash for pimples and acne care.

    Pina Colada Face Wash

    Pina Colada is a mild and refreshing mocktail cleanser with antioxidant-rich Pineapple and nourishing Coconut Milk. This super-soothing pH balancing formula is rich in Vitamin C and helps clean, calm, and clarify your skin while replenishing your skin’s natural moisture barrier, sounds perfect right? It's gentle enough for everyday use and suits all skin types, and a good face wash for dry skin.