Why Should You Choose Organic Skincare Products?

Organic Skincare Products

Everyone wants beautiful and bright skin but waiting for it to appear miraculously doesn’t work. The skin is the largest organ in our body, and it absorbs nutrients and toxins. Our skin undergoes various phases due to hormonal changes, makeup products, and environmental factors, making it dull, dry, excessively oily, or prone to breakouts. Exposure to various unwanted chemicals eventually finds its way into our system and harms our skin. Treating your skin kindly will leave you feeling great and glowing, too. To begin that change, switch to natural and organic skincare products for nourished, glowing, and healthy skin.

Here are 4 reasons why you should choose organic skincare products:


1. Organic products are free of toxic chemicals

 Have you read the labels on any skincare products you use? Have you taken note of all the difficult-to-pronounce ingredients? Unbelievably, half of the ingredients used in skin care products are harmful to your skin. An ingredient such as Sodium Laureth Sulfate is a foaming agent that depletes the natural lipid barrier of the skin and makes it rough and irritation prone. This is one of several ingredients that are considered harmful. If a product is certified organic, you can be sure it is potentially free of toxins and preservatives and is suitable for all skin types. For example, Ikkai C The Glow Face oil for dry skin fights dullness to reveal glowing skin and is free of harmful chemicals and preservatives. Its main ingredient is Kakadu plum, one of the richest sources of Vitamin C that helps nourish and revive the skin. 

2. Organic skincare is rich in nutrients

Before buying any organic skincare product, read its label to avoid exposing your skin to harmful ingredients. Ikkai Pina Colada Face Wash contains two powerful hydration ingredients: coconut milk and pineapple. Coconut milk combats dryness, itchiness, and redness and leaves skin glowing. On the other hand, pineapple fights acne, evens the skin tone, and fights pollution. 

By utilizing natural and organic skincare products, you can ensure that your skin absorbs only ingredients that won't harm you or irritate or aggravate any allergies. Another organic product we recommend is the Ikkai Papaya Power Face Scrub, which is made with two powerful ingredients: papaya and carrot oil. The papain enzymes in this mild exfoliant buff away dry and flaky skin, making skin feel supple and smooth, and it is suitable for all skin types.

Ikkai Papaya Preserve Face Souffle is made with papayas and carrot oil and fluffed up in a creamy, soft souffle mask. Papaya helps balance out natural skin oil while leaving your skin with a radiant glow, and carrot oil helps soothe the skin and eliminate dryness. 

3. Prevent lip pigmentation by using organic lip products

Lip pigmentation and lip discolouration can both put you in a bad mood. Using low-quality lip products, biting the lips, and excessive drying can cause the lips to become dull and dry. You can get relief by using good, nourishing lip butter. With so many options available, it is challenging to pick the right product to treat chapped lips. Therefore, we recommend Ikkai Pink Me Again Lip Butter.

With the goodness of shea butter, beetroot, and kokum butter, this lip butter has it all. Beetroot fades away the pigmentation and leaves behind soft pink lips. Shea butter heals chapped lips, and Kokum butter keeps your lips nourished and moisturised. This combination of natural ingredients gives our lips a fresh look. 

If you are dealing with dry, flaky lips, then it’s a sign to exfoliate your lips. For this, we recommend Ikkai Pink Me Again Lip Scrub. This gentle lip scrub contains sugar granules, beetroot butter, and kokum butter, which remove dead skin cells and nourish our lips.

4. Organic products are environment friendly

Organic skincare products are preservative & toxin free. 

Due to our commitment to the environment, Ikkai only uses organic ingredients that are good for your skin and the environment. They are rich in vitamins and antioxidants, which make them highly nutritional and effective in treating skin woes. Organic skincare products are environmentally friendly and devoid of animal testing. 


Using natural and organic skincare products can be beneficial for your skin. We hope this list has made it easier for you to know the advantages of natural and organic skincare products and how they are better for the environment and your skin. If you haven't already, start investing in your health today by switching to natural and organic skincare products.