The Ultimate Sustainable Skincare Gifts For This Holiday

Ultimate Sustainable Skincare Gifts For This Holiday
The holiday season means indulging in hot cocoa, spending time with friends and family, and exchanging gifts to welcome the new year. While you want to participate in your favourite holiday customs and still manage to have a sustainable holiday, it feels impossible to do it, doesn’t it? But don’t worry! You can give many lovely sustainable holiday gifts while being environmentally friendly.


Your skin also needs additional care during the chilly, harsh weather. Organic skincare is the best option for all those worrying about picking the perfect gift for their loved ones! Ikkai should be your go-to for organic skin and lip care this holiday season, including cleansers, face creme, face serum, face oil, face packs, and lip care. We have you covered if you’re having trouble finding an organic skincare range to give to your loved ones. 


Organic beauty products are better for the planet as well as your skin. Organic skin care products are gentle and give natural hydration and glow to your skin, all while helping the earth and preserving ecological balance. The five eco-friendly skincare products listed below can help you keep your skin healthy and nourished. 

 1. C The Glow Dry Oil And C The Glow Brightening Concentrate – The Hydration Duo You Need This Holiday Season 

Infused with the richness of Kakadu plum, this range provides ultimate hydration, and rejuvenation and helps fight pigmentation. The two best-selling products of C The Glow range are Ikkai C The Glow Dry Oil and C The Glow Brightening Concentrate. C The Glow Dry Oil with the goodness of Kakadu plum helps lock in moisture, fade sun spots, and enhance the glow. C The Glow Brightening Concentrate also contains Kakadu plum and Niacinamide, which help even out skin tone and prevent premature ageing, resulting in hydrated, healthy skin.  

 2. Beetroot And Kokum Butter Hydration Lip-Care Squad   

Want pink, supple lips this holiday season? Stick to a proper lip care regime. Lip treatments are always appreciated as holiday gifts because the cold weather causes dry, cracked lips. When selecting a lip treatment, look for moisturizing ingredients that do not irritate your lips. Ikkai’s ultimate lip hydration squad includes Pink Me Again Lip Butter, Pink Me Again Lip Scrub, and Pink Me Again Sleeping Mask. Enriched with Beetroot, Kokum, and Shea butter, Pink Me Again Lip Butter heals chapped and dry lips, leaving them moisturized. Pink Me Again Lip Scrub is an organic scrub made of sugar granules, kokum, and shea butter. Sugar granules remove dead skin cells, leaving them smooth and nourished. Pink Me Again Sleeping Mask is made of shea and kokum butter and treats chapped, flaky lips overnight, making them soft, supple, and pink. This is the ultimate three-step lip care regime for healthy, soft, and pink lips. This three-step lip care regime is the perfect gift for someone who wants to pamper their lips and make them soft.  

 3. Illuminators Like Moisturisers That Give A Picture-Perfect Glow

Do you know someone who loves dewy skin? Someone who dislikes wearing layers of makeup when going out? Ikkai Get Lit Illuminator range is the perfect gift for themWith vitamins and the goodness of Green Tea, Get Lit Illuminator Strobe Moisturiser Gold Matte Gloss and Get Lit Illuminator Strobe Moisturiser Pearl work as a moisturizer and a highlighter, giving the skin the perfect dewy sheen.

Isn’t this a unique yet organic gift for someone who loves a natural, no-makeup look? This holiday season, give them the picture-perfect glow with these double booster doses of glow.  

4. Coco-Soft Skin Combo 

Scrub and mask go together, so this holiday season, how about gifting someone a delightful combo by Ikkai? Ikkai Choco-Soft Skin Combo contains Awesome Almond Face Scrub and Choco Delight Face MaskThe former contains almonds that easily slough away dead skin cells, while carrot oil gently purifies pores and soothes skin. On the other hand, Choco Delight Face Mask contains two moisturizing ingredients, such as cocoa extracts that help soothe skin inflammation and rashes and sweet almond oil that balances your skin’s moisture levels while rejuvenating dull, tired skin. This duo nourishes the skin and gives it a fresh glow. Gift this duo to someone who wants to treat their skin with almond and cocoa delight!  


5. Maintain The Holiday Glow With Grapefruit Margarita Face Wash  

The ultimate recipe for breakouts or irritation is layering skincare without cleansing, therefore, consider cleansing to reset your skin, and keep doing it twice a day. Ikkai Grapefruit Margarita Face Wash made with grapefruit extracts, calms and clarifies the skin without stripping out the beneficial natural oils in your skin.  




Oh! And finally, gift wrap these skincare goodies in a way that the receiver will remember. Make sure to wrap them up in an eco-friendly way, like old comic book pages and maps, newspapers, or paper bags. For reusable wrapping, you can also use any attractive and spotless fabric, such as dishtowels, bandannas, or scarves. Use colourful paper strips to make your bows and embellish them with string, pressed leaves, and pinecones. 


This year, everyone should receive an organic present. Even better are pocket-friendly and cruelty-free skincare products that serve a useful purpose! With Ikkai organic skincare, you can cross everything off your shopping list for skincare presents. The organic products mentioned above will help your loved ones fight winter dryness and dullness. 


Go ahead and gift your loved ones, and do not forget to add these goodies to your cart. You deserve to treat your skin, too!