How To Use A Lip Care Mask For Best Results

The skin on the lips is more sensitive and prone to chapping and cracking, hence needs extra care. By extra care, we mean care that goes beyond regular lip balms, care that is superior, intensely hydrating, and long-lasting with the powerful nourishment of Lip Masks. 

Lip masks are beauty staples that provide the ultimate level of hydration and are formulated with skin-softening ingredients like butter, fruit extracts, and oils. Lip masks can transform a tired pout into a hydrated and plump pucker.

Guess that is reason enough to add one to your lip care regime. 

So, let’s begin with the all-important step – how to apply a lip mask for great results. 

1. Start with exfoliation: Choose an appropriate lip scrub to exfoliate all the impurities from your lips. We suggest picking any organic formula that is gentle on your skin. This step is important because it cleanses your lips well and prepares them for the mask. If you apply the lip mask directly, the goodness of its ingredients may not reach deep into your skin to be effective. Ikkai's Pink Me Again Lip Scrub is a lip scrub that gently exfoliates lips to make them nourished and hydrated. This lip scrub helps remove dead skin cells, reduces pigmentation and repairs dry, chapped lips. With the goodness of sugar granules, beetroot and kokum butter, Pink Me Again Lip Scrub heals chapped lips and nourishes flaky lips. 

2. Apply Lip Mask: If it is a cream-based mask, you can apply it directly on your lips. Take an adequate amount and gently apply it to your lips. You can either leave it overnight or during the day. Ikkai's Pink Me Again Lip Sleeping Mask is a hydrating lip mask that deeply moisturizes and hydrates lips. It makes lips soft, smooth and pink with the goodness of Shea and Kokum Butter. This non-sticky, creamy, and smooth overnight sleeping lip mask delivers intense hydration and helps restore dry, chapped lips for soft, fuller-looking lips. Use it overnight for intense hydration and as often as needed throughout the day.

3. Massage for great results: This is a vital step to getting smooth and soft lips. After applying the lip mask, gently massage the lips. It will help in better absorption and give you soft and moisturized lips. 

How Do Lip Masks Work? 

Lip masks are thicker, stay longer and provide more nourishment in comparison to lip balms. They contain shea and kokum butter along with fruit extracts like beetroot, pomegranate, coconut, papaya etc. They penetrate deep into your skin to transform chapped and dry lips into soft and supple lips and help treat pigmentation. The difference is noticeable with just a few applications.

We Recommend 

Earning a 10/10 on every parameter is Ikkai’s Pink Me Again Lip Sleeping Mask. Enriched with the goodness of kokum and shea butter, this lightweight and creamy lip sleeping mask is organic, preservative-free and suitable for all skin types. Plus, it is cruelty-free – a must-have quality for every product. 

Make sure you have it in your skincare kit and with the rest of your skincare essentials.