Customised Skincare Routine For Indian Skin Types

Are you experiencing sudden breakouts and acne? Is your skin feeling dry and itchy? Are you not seeing any improvement in your skin with the skincare products you are using? Have you tried multiple ingredients and product combinations but have not seen results? If you are facing these problems, then your skincare routine is not working. 


In skin care, there is no such thing as “one-size-fits-all,” i.e., the same product for a similar skin type might work differently, which is why it is important to have a customized skincare regime. Proper knowledge about skincare products allows you to use the right product for specific concerns. 

A holistic lifestyle, a healthy diet, a fitness routine, and a skincare regime are some ways in which you can achieve that wonderful glow. The guide below will help you understand basic skin care needs, set some skin goals, and find suitable products.

AM Skincare Routine 


Cleansing is the first step. Bacteria can accumulate throughout the night. Therefore, wash your face before you start your morning skincare routine. Ikkai C the Glow organic brightening face wash helps cleanse the skin, reduces dryness, and leaves skin fresh, moisturised, and prepared for the day ahead. 

Washing your face is not enough. Exfoliate your skin with Ikkai C the Glow vitamin c face scrub to remove dead skin cells and reduce skin dryness. This step will make your skin appear fresh, brighter, and firmer. It also helps improve your skin’s overall texture and tone.

Now that your face has been exfoliated and dead skin cells removed, it is time to pay attention to large and open pores that could lead to blackheads and acne. Therefore, your next step should be using a face mask. Enriched with blueberries, Ikkai Fruity Surprise instant glow face pack is one-of-a-kind because it does not dry out your skin like a typical clay mask. it is packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants and is a hydrating clay mask that makes your skin soft and supple while preventing photoaging.

Using a face cream after cleansing allows the cream to penetrate deeply into the skin. If you want smooth and supple skin, hydration is necessary, and Ikkai C The Glow Skin Cream offers just that. It is known to promote skin softness and elasticity and reduce hyperpigmentation, making it an excellent choice for dull and dry skin. 

Vitamin C Brightening Concentrate is the next step in improving your skincare routine. Ikkai C The Glow Brightening Concentrate, as an antioxidant powerhouse, protects skin from free radical damage and helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

If you want soft and supple lips throughout the day, then add lip butter to your morning routine. Ikkai Pink Me Again Shea Butter for Lips, infused with beetroot, shea butter, and kokum butter helps lock in moisture, fades lip pigmentation, and provides nourishment. It effectively treats dryness and provides intense hydration all day long. 


PM Skincare Routine

At night, cleanse your face with Ikkai C The Glow Face Wash to wash off the dirt, makeup, and excess oil that accumulate on your face naturally throughout the day. 

While you sleep, your skin heals and repairs itself; hence, it’s important to protect your lips from losing moisture. Applying the Ikkai Pink Me Again Lip Sleeping Mask at night will help protect and moisturise your lips as you sleep. This overnight lip mask works gently to repair damaged and pigmented lips and restore their natural colour.

Ikkai is an organic skincare brand that helps treat the primary concerns of skin like dullness, unevenness, irritation, or fine lines. This healthy skincare regime will look like a dream if you aren’t a fan of an elaborate skincare routine. A customised skincare routine may take time to nail, but remember, a little patience goes a long way. Identifying your skin type and skin care goals will help you create the right routine.