Benefits of Face Scrubs & How to Use them Right


Are you facing trouble with dead skin, clogged pores, and frequent acne breakouts? 

Is your skin irritated and sustaining damage? 

A face scrub can be the perfect solution to your problems. Ikkai’s face scrubs can help you exfoliate your skin, unclog pores, remove whiteheads and blackheads, and reduce acne. 

Using the right Organic face scrub can help address pressing issues that are present. Ikkai’s range of organic face washes can help repair and protect your skin. Let’s look at the benefits of using face scrubs.

Benefits of Face Scrubs

1. Remove Dead Skin

Dull and dry skin is caused by skin cell accumulation on your face. It also clogs your pores, prevents your skin from breathing and is often the cause of acne breakouts. Face Scrubs exfoliate your skin, deeply cleanse, remove most dead skin cells and leave skin smooth and supple.

2. Unclog skin pores

Our body produces sebum to keep our skin moisturized and protected. However, often sebum production happens in excess. The excess sebum gets stored in your skin’s pores and causes them to clog up and is a prime reason for acne breakouts and inflammation. Face scrubs help you protect your skin adequately through exfoliative properties to unclog your pores.

3. Remove Flakes

Dry patches (flakes) on your skin can be irritating, and make your skin look lacklustre and dull. Exfoliating using a face scrub helps you remove flaky skin and makes your face smoother.

4. Reduce Acne Scars

Acne scars are dark patches of skin caused due to the impact of untreated acne. While face scrubs alone cannot remove them completely, they help reduce pigmentation and make scars lighter. Ikkai’s face scrubs can help you support your skin’s natural resurfacing process. Face scrub will help remove the dead and damaged skin cells allowing your skin to rejuvenate. 

5. Improve Skin Texture

Our facial skin is sensitive, thinner, and comparatively more prone to damage than other body parts. Several factors like pollution, dirt and grime, improper skin care, etc., lead to rough and dull skin. Face scrubs help improve the texture of your skin.

6. The best skincare complements

Face scrubs are the best complement to your skincare routine. Their natural exfoliation properties help you clear your skin. This in turn, allows other skincare products to create a better impact in helping your skin rejuvenate itself. 

The Best Face Scrubs in the Country

Face scrubs are the best way to help your skin repair itself. However, different skin types require specific face scrubs suitable to that skin type. Ikkai’s organic face scrubs contain ingredients that can help your skin regain its youthfulness. 

  • Awesome Almond Face Scrub: with almonds and walnut shells, this face scrub is a powerful natural exfoliator. It helps prevent environmental damage and replenishes your lost moisture content. 
  • Organic C The Glow Face ScrubIkkai’s organic face scrub contains Kakadu plum extracts rich in Vitamin C. It helps you naturally exfoliate your skin, improves skin’s texture, reduces inflammation, and reduces dark spots.
  • Papaya Power Face Scrub: Containing papain enzymes and crushed papaya seeds that remove dead skin cells; Vitamin E that protects you against sun damage; and niacinamide, a potent active that helps fight pigmentation and inflammation, this Ikkai face scrub is a one-stop solution for your skin trouble. It helps your skin fight free radicals, fine lines, and pimples. 

Check out the diverse range of face washes suitable for your skin at Ikkai’s website today. 

How to Use a Face Scrub?

Using a face scrub is as easy as a breeze. Follow these steps to get results in less than 10 minutes:

- Cleanse your face gently with an organic face wash.  

- Take the required amount of face scrub in your hand and gently scrub it all over your face. Gently massage to exfoliate the impurities.  

- Thoroughly wash the scrub off with lukewarm water.

- Follow with a moisturizing face creme 

- Follow this exfoliating regime twice a week 

See the change in your skin with these simple steps. Check out Ikkai’s range of organic face washes and help your skin rejuvenate itself.