4 Must-Know Daily Face Care Routine for Oily Skin


Have you been searching online for possible solutions to reduce excess oil from your face?

Well, don’t worry. We know that oily skin can easily take away freshness and develop unwanted skin problems. Keeping your pores clean and removing blackheads and whiteheads also becomes a task. To take care of your oily skin, all you need is a skincare routine with products for oily skin. Products to help maintain a balance of natural oils, moisture, and hydration.

Before we dig deep into the must-know daily skincare routine for oily skin, let us understand that oily skin is not a condition but a skin type that needs different care. Your skin is oily because your sebaceous glands produce more sebum than required. The excess oil produced can clog the pores and often lead to acne.

Read along to figure out the four must-know daily care routines for oily skin!

1. Wash your face twice a day

Wash your face twice daily with a cleanser best suited for oily skin types. It will help remove the excess oil on your skin surface. Stick to the number – more than twice a day would over-dry your skin and increase sebum production to compensate for the oil lost. Look for a gel-based and clarifying face wash to clean the dirt and excess oil.

Here is Ikkai’s refreshing range of face washes for oily skin-

Indulge in this refreshing face wash with the goodness of mint and lemon extracts. Mint Mojito Facewash helps remove impurities and excess oil in your skin. It is a pH-balancing face wash that balances oil, clarifies your skin and makes skin look fresh and glowing.

– Grapefruit Margarita Face Wash

A refreshing and pH-balancing formula, the Grapefruit Margarita Face Wash is made with antioxidant-rich grapefruit. It helps clarify your skin of excess oil and pollutants. It promotes an acne-free, blemish-free, and clear skin tone with a smooth complexion. It lightens pigmentation, reduces dark spots, and leaves your skin energized after every wash.

– Pina Colada Face Wash

The hydrating and nourishing Pina Colada Face Wash consists of the richness of Pineapple and Coconut.

It detoxifies and deep cleanses your skin of impurities and excess oil. This unique and refreshing face wash rejuvenates and revives your skin’s natural complexion. It also works on skin pigmentation, lightens dark spots, and helps treat acne and blemishes.

– C The Glow Face Wash

C The Glow Face Wash instantly refreshes and makes your skin naturally radiant by removing dirt and impurities. Infused with Vitamin C, it reduces pigmentation, reduces breakouts, lightens blemishes and revives your skin’s glow after every wash.

2. Use a Toner

Using a toner after washing your face with a gel-based cleanser can help your skin rejuvenate. It hydrates your skin to the T and seeps deep into your pores to strengthen your skin barrier.

Use an alcohol-free face toner to balance your skin’s natural oils and maintain a healthy skin tone.

3. Exfoliate once a week

Another way to reduce excess oil is to exfoliate your skin. Look out for mild exfoliators to remove the dead skin cells, unclog your pores, and remove blackheads and whiteheads. Target your forehead, T zones and the chin area with a mild exfoliator infused with natural exfoliating granules.

Look for mild exfoliators to remove dirt and excess oil. Check out Ikkai’s range of face scrubs for oily skin.

– Awesome Almond Face Scrub

This creamy almond scrub is enriched with sweet almond oil and fine walnut shell particles. It helps exfoliate the impurities to give you a smoother and healthier skin texture. It revives the skin’s glow, boosts elasticity, and keeps the skin moisturized. Packed with crushed almond granules and other natural exfoliating agents. It evens your skin tone and removes all impurities to maintain your skin’s firmness.

– Papaya Power Face Scrub

Exfoliate the deep-seated impurities for under 5 minutes to get a smooth, refreshed, and rejuvenated skin tone. Papaya seed granules help exfoliate without damaging the natural skin barrier. It removes all impurities without stripping your skin of its natural properties. It works to open pores, brighten your skin, and rejuvenate your skin deeply.

– C The Glow Face Scrub

Exfoliate the right way with C The Glow Face Scrub! Sugar granules gently remove dirt, blackheads and whiteheads and help exfoliate the pollutants without damaging the natural skin barrier.

Niacinamide reduces hyperpigmentation to give you an even skin tone. 500x vitamin C derived from Kakadu plums amplifies your radiance. The face scrub leaves behind a brightened and even skin tone, sans the impurities. Niacinamide works on open pores and all the major skin concerns. Kakadu plum extracts enhance the richness of your skin texture!

4. Follow up with a Face Pack

Applying a organic face mask once a week is good for your oily skin. Look for a refreshing, nourishing, and hydrating face mask that reduces oil and leaves behind clean and healthy skin.

Note: Don’t forget to moisturize your skin. You heard it right! Oily skin type also needs moisturization. Look for soothing face cremes that hydrate and lock in your skin’s moisture. Check out Ikkai’s C The Glow Face Souffle Crème enriched with Vitamin C and Coconut Butter.

Check out Ikkai’s range of face washes and scrubs that deeply clarify your skin and nourish and strengthen your skin barrier.