Plump It Up with Pink Me Again! Here’s Why It’s So Special

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Pink Me Again! Learn why it is so special for you.

Wondering how to get a plump pout without trying those crazy DIYs and tips? We’ve got you sorted with our super soft and creamy lip mask, Pink Me Again! Read on to know what makes it so special and why’s it the one and only lip care you need for that pink, plump pout!

Who doesn’t want fuller lips? But let’s be honest, these tips and tricks are temporary. Besides, our lips are extremely sensitive and you shouldn’t be doing any crazy experiments there! This made us think that how amazing it would be, if we could have a simple everyday product that can do it all in no time.

What’s Up with ‘Pink Me Again’?

Lipsticks and lip tints are good but what’s better? It’s having naturally Pink lips, with a little bit of oomph! You may have used a lot of lip care products, and that’s exactly what we didn’t want to make. Our idea was to whip up something new and exciting, something that you wouldn’t have tried before.

So what makes our lip care different from the rest of your products? It’s EVERYTHING! But let’s start with the formulation. Unlike any other lip care product, this one is a creamy, cushion-like cover for your lips. It’s not something regular just to heal chapped and cracked lips, although Yes! It will definitely do that but that’s just one of the many things it does. It creates a moisturizing barrier for your lips, so the hydration stays locked in and your plump pout stays on for long!

We have named it ‘Pink Me Again’ because it does what it says, makes your lips naturally pink and pretty! How? It’s all in the ingredients and we’ll surely come to that, just what you need to heal dry and pigmented lips.

Why’s it called “Lip Sleeping Mask”?

A regular lip care product won’t have a long stay, but this one stays there for the whole night! Ideally, it’s a night-time lip care therapy for your lips, because the blend of ingredients that we’ve used in it, will not only heal your lips overnight but will also give them a cushion-like warmth, so you wake up with soft and supple lips every day.

But wait, it doesn’t mean you can’t use this product in the day-time! It’s an absolute daily essential and if you start wearing it all the time, you will surely see a change in the texture and appearance of your lips. The good part is, you won’t need to reapply it again and again, just a generous swipe of this lightweight, non-greasy balm-like mask and you’re good to go for hours.

What’s in it and How to use it?

Our ‘Pink Me Again’ Lip mask is a blend of nourishing butters and grapefruit extract. What gives it this creamy, thick texture is the gorgeous blend of Kokum and Shea Butter. Grapefruit extract is a natural antioxidant and helps to lighten pigmentation. These soft and soothing ingredients, deeply repair and nourish your lips by replenishing moisture and restoring plumpness.

As we said, you can use it like an everyday lip mask, anytime and any way! It works like a nourishing balm and gives a glossy sheen, you can even wear it underneath your lipsticks to keep your lips hydrated and protected.

We hope we’ve cleared all your doubts, if not, you’re always welcome to ask us anything about our products on our Instagram page!

And do give it a try, it’s all you need for pink, plump and pouty lips, every day!

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