Face Wash VS Cleanser – What Is The Difference Between Face Wash & Cleanser

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What is Face Wash & Cleanser? Know the difference between both and select your perfect match amongst them.

We all know what “cleansing” actually means, but not many of us would know how to make a skin-friendly, cleansing routine.

Why do we need one? Because it’s the basic step in your skincare game and if you don’t do it right, whatever you put on your face next, won’t work effectively. It’s okay if you haven’t found your perfect product yet, but what’s not okay is when you get confused between a cleanser and a face wash and start playing with both. It won’t sound like a big deal to you, but your skin, it hates that!

So let’s help your skin today by swiping right on the RIGHT one; It’s face wash vs cleanser, may the best one win!

It’s Not The Same Thing!

To make it simple, a cleanser is milder and gentler than a face wash, because it does a little more than just cleaning your face. To know what your skin needs, you should first understand how these two work, so let’s jump right in.

What is Cleanser and What Does a Cleanser Do?

Like it says, it cleanses your skin and can be used on daily basis to remove excess oils, dirt, and make up from the skin’s surface. A cleanser is made to moisturize and soothe your skin. It’s gentle and more suitable for dry and sensitive skin because it doesn’t make your skin ‘squeaky clean’ and also helps to keep the skin barrier healthy and hydrated.

Cleansers come in different textures, and mostly all of them are non-foaming. If you are someone who wears makeup often, consider investing in micellar water as well. It works as cleansing water and helps remove makeup, dissolves oil-based products and sunscreen, without stripping your skin.

What is a Face Wash and What Face Wash Should I Use?

A face wash helps to purify your pores by removing dead cells, excess oils, and dirt. It gives your skin a deep-cleaning and preps it for the rest of your routine. The texture is often foamy and it’s best suited for oily and acne-prone skin.

If you tend to be more outdoors, a good face wash is highly suggested otherwise you might run the risk of not removing all the impurities from your face. Face washes like cleansers are created for specific skin types and concerns. If you are experiencing frequent breakouts then consider getting a heavy-duty face wash with antibacterial, skin-purifying ingredients. If you need a regular face wash, then make sure it’s hydrating and not harsh, look for fragrance-free options with minimum ingredients.

How To Make the Right Cleansing Routine?

It’s easier than you think, and it totally depends on your skin needs. Start with what suits your skin type and then think about your concerns. If your skin type is dry and dehydrated, you should look for a nourishing cleanser and if it’s combination or oily, go for a refreshing, pH balancing face wash.

You can even balance both of them in your routine, if so, prefer using a cleanser in the morning and face wash in the evening. In case you decide to use two cleansing products at the same time, don’t forget to make sure that the ingredients in both of them should complement each other or you’ll end up stripping your skin and ruining your skin barrier.

What we suggest is, listen to your skin. If you stay outdoors, wear sunscreen, and makeup, then just a cleanser wouldn’t be enough and you might even need a cleansing oil, balm, or micellar water to dissolve all the dirt and oil-based products. In that case, you should use a face wash as the last step in your cleansing routine, just to make sure that your pores are well clean and hydrated.

Start with these tips and work your way to glowing skin, one step at a time!

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