Why, When and How to Apply Moisturizer on Your Skin?

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“A healthy skin is the best foundation you can wear”

A baby smooth and healthy skin is a dream of every woman. No doubt, they never hesitate to switch from one skincare ritual to another to achieve that. However, in the hassle of day-to-day tasks and chaos- one might forget to conduct an essential part of the overall skincare routine: Moisturizing your skin.

Yes, moisturizing your skin twice a day right after cleansing should be the priority of your skincare routine. After all, hydrated skin holds the key to healthy and glowing skin.

Why is moisturizing your skin important?

Does moisturizing your skin feel like a chore to you? It will not once you realize that moisturizing your face doesn’t only keep your skin hydrated and smooth but also prevents wrinkles, fine lines and acne breakout. If you are still not convinced then, here are the key reasons to moisturize your skin with the best skincare products:

Prevent acne breakout

Applying the right moisturizer for skin type can help you to maintain the oil balance. The most common skin problems occur when the skin is either too dry or too oily. Hence, applying the best skincare moisturize will help you to keep your skin happy by keeping all the problems at the bay.

Keep your skin young and glowing

Everyone wants glowing and young skin but do they know face is one of the most sensitive areas of the body that replace cells more than other skin areas. This access effort leaves them more vulnerable to dryness and ageing. Applying an effective moisturizer doesn’t only protect the sensitive skin but also boost it to repair itself in a faster manner.

Fight wrinkles

Have you noticed your skin feel light and plumped after you apply the moisturizer? Well, it is not the illusion you are experiencing. According to the research “People who apply moisturizer as a part of daily skincare routine accumulate fewer wrinkles with age compared to those who don’t apply at all.”

How often should you moisturize your face?

Once you comprehend what importance moisturizing your face holds, the next question that pops up in your mind is how often should you moisturize your face? Well, in a day you should at least moisturize your face Twice, but if you feel like it is not sufficient then, here are the best times to apply the moisturizer to your skin:

Right after washing your face

According to dermatologists the best time to moisturize your face is right after you cleanse it. Applying the moisturizer directly on the damp skin will not lock all the moisture but also brighten your complexion. Here, damp skin means right after you wash your face and before drying out with a towel.

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After hopping out of the shower

Do you know your face is not the only part that needs moisturization? Your body deserves it too. So, along with the face, you must apply a suitable moisturizer on your body as well after the shower. Pay attention to areas like ears, neck, chest, knees, and elbows as they tend to dry faster than others.

Right before you hit the bed

Give your beauty sleep a helping hand by applying the moisturizer right before you hit the bed. This is where IKKAI beauty face moisturizer comes in the frame. Created with 100% organic natural ingredients that easily get absorbed into the skin, instantly cools it down, revive it as you sleep, feel light and bring the natural pink tone. With regular use, you can improve the overall look and feel of your skin.

When you feel your skin is drying out

The first thing many people do as they feel their skin drying out removes all the moisture but drying the skin out will only make the condition worse. Instead, you must moisturize it to avoid cracking. In short, rather than asking how often should you moisturize your face? You must moisturize your skin twice a day to prevent cracking.

How to moisturize your face?

Right before you associate moisturization with your daily routine, it is important to find the right moisturize that suits your skin type. Here are some tips that will help you to settle down with the right moisturizer:

For oily skin 

One of the most common misconceptions people with oily skin have is they don’t need any moisturizer but they are far from the actual truth. According to dermatologists, producing the excess oil is your skin’s way to compromise the lack of moisturization.

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For dry skin 

Dry skin demands extra care and if you fail to address the demand then, it may lead to certain skin problems. IKKAI offers a lightweight face moisturizer that envelops skin with moisture and improves overall skin tone and shade.

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For combination skin 

The combination needs a moisturizer that has the perfect balance to hydrate your skin and maintain the oil production in necessary areas. For the beginning start looking with oil-free or water-based naturally infused moisturizer to keep your face oil-free and nourished.

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If you wish to have young, glowing and radiant skin, then remember moisturizing your skin twice a day is key. As the ageing and wrinkles start with skin dryness, moisturizing your skin on the daily basis can help you to prevent skin-related problems and keep ageing at bay. Moreover, if you are still wondering how often I should moisturize my body? Then, it is time to consult with professionals at IKKAI. For more information, visit the website today!


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