‘The Frightening Four’ – Kitchen Ingredients to avoid in your DIY skincare

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You know and we know too, that we all fall into internet traps, especially the DIY traps! When it comes to homemade skincare,  we still rely on our grandmother’s tried and tested kitchen blends. The internet is flooded with DIY recipes and mixes and we often trust them blindly without even researching if the ingredient is safe for our skin or not.

Stop! Don’t trust them

Here’s a list of our ‘Frightening Four' ingredients that you may have used at least once but you should never use again,

1. Baking Soda for Lightening

We all know that one famous DIY about rubbing baking soda on dark patches, some of us might even have tried doing that and no doubt it would’ve been a flop. Baking soda can burn your skin and make those patches even worse, stop right away if you’re still doing that.

2. Lemon for Brightening

Lemons should be banned in DIY skincare, so many people use lemon juice on their face and not even a single dermatologist would recommend that. Lemon is highly acidic and the oil component can even give you a bad burn when exposed to UV. Raw lemons are not made for your face and you’re not a lemonade.

3. ACV Toner

Apple cider vinegar is great for your gut, it gives you a good detox but who said that you can put it on your face? DIY skincare should never be acidic, it can give you terrible rashes so never use it as a toner or a spot treatment, not even a diluted mix.

4. Spice mix

Leave them for your food, except turmeric which is anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, and the rest of “Cinnamon, Spice & Everything Nice!” spare them for your kitchen.  Spices can give you instant allergic reactions and rashes, don’t use them on your face, not even as spot treatments. 

Try DIY recipes but do your research before playing with ingredients. Be gentle, treat yourself with love and care.


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