The Best Pre and Post Holi Tips For Healthy & Happy Skin

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Swirls of colorful madness filled with laughter and sweets, oh wait, did we miss something? Is it even Holi if we don't play with Gulal? After all, it's all about colors! But not for your skin okay? You may be wondering if not "on skin" then where? Don't worry, we ain't going to ask you to stay inside or to not let anyone touch your face, we're just here to make it easy for you and your skin, and for that, we've jotted down some of the best Holi precautions and skin safety tips for you.

‘Holy-Holi' Skin Care Tips!

The most vibrant and colorful day is almost here but unfortunately, it comes with splashes of synthetic pigments and some not so pretty aftereffects.

It's quite true that our skin and hair have to go through days of discomfort post-Holi, so this time we have a complete pre and post festive guide with some of the best Holi skin care tips. Let's start, shall we?

1.    Oil it up!

From tip to toe and we mean it! Before you step out to play with colors, make sure to put some oil on your nails, your hair, and all over your skin, this would prevent the color from seeping into your skin and scalp, which means, fewer stains and more fun!

2.            SPF 

The Holi precautions have just started and how can we forget the sunscreen? Slather some sunscreen with at least SPF 30, all over your body and face, don't forget your ears! This protects your skin from harsh chemicals and even allows the color to wash off easily.

3.            Petroleum Jelly

We often take it lightly but our eyes are the most sensitive to any reaction and so is the area around our nose and mouth. To give your skin some extra care, make sure to use some petroleum jelly, on your lips, lashes, and around the sensitive corners, this would make your skin slippery and would make the colors and chemicals slip off!

4.            Rose Water

Allergies and rashes are quite common on this day so keep a bottle of rose water handy, better if it's a spray bottle. Keep spraying that on your face while gently wiping off the excess.

5.            Don't Scrub

Although most people do go by this hack and rub some scrubby stuff on their skin to get rid of harsh stains but the truth is your skin is already in a very sensitive state and further scrubbing can make it very dry and patchy, avoid it and try this simple DIY tip to softly remove those stubborn stains.

Take off Holi Colours Safely

We know it's really tempting and even though we think we won't get into it so much, we end up playing with colours for hours. Don't worry, here's how to protect skin from Holi colours, and if the damage is already done, which we believe would be, these simple DIYs would help you take off those stubborn stains easily.

But first, 

1.    Cover It Up!

Prevention is better than cure and that applies here too! If you haven't got stained yet, make sure that you are covering maximum skin, wear full-sleeved clothing and a scarf on your head, put on your sunglasses, and paint your nails too, so that as little as possible of your skin is exposed.

2.            Gram Flour with Almond Oil

Mix Gram Flour with Almond Oil and apply the paste all over your face and body, rub it gently for a few minutes, and wash off before it gets dry. This makes the skin moist and also lightens the dark pigments of harsh colours.

3.            Milk Cream and Rose Water

Holi colours can make skin really very dry, Milk Cream is intensely nourishing and Rose Water helps to make it even more soothing. Apply this paste after taking a shower, the texture would feel like a creamy body butter and will instantly sink into your skin, wash off after massaging it well, using lukewarm water. This will make your skin hydrated and moisturized and will help lighten the stains too.

Post-Holi, our skin gets extremely sensitive, follow this routine to help your skin revive to its fullest.

Post-Holi Skin Care Routine

The harsh chemicals and dry colours can mess up with your skin's pH levels, further disturbing your moisture barrier, which can cause clogged pores and lead to breakouts. Here's a glow-proof routine with skin care products for Holi, to balance your pH and keep your skin bright and happy.

1.    pH Balanced Face Wash

To keep it gentle, wash your face with a mild cleanser/ face wash. Ikkai has a range of pH-balanced face wash to keep your moisture barrier healthy, check out your favorite now!

2.            Bare Skin Glow

Post-Holi, your skin would be really sensitive so avoid using too many products and keep it minimal. We have a glowing skin hack for you and it's just one product that does it all. Our Get Lit Illuminator Strobe Moisturizer is packed with the goodness of Green Tea and nourishing vitamins, to hydrate your skin and give it a glass-like, dewy sheen. Have you tried it yet? 

3.            Mild Exfoliation

You shouldn't scrub or exfoliate your skin immediately after It's been exposed to a lot of chemicals and colours, but you do need a nourishing scrub once after your skin feels a little better, say after 3-4 days. Try Ikkai's Awesome Almond Scrub, it has a creamy texture with the goodness of Vitamin E and Sweet Almonds, Intensely nourishing and oh-so-smooth on the skin. Scrub once a week to remove dead cells and freshen up your complexion.

4.            Lip Care On The Go!

Who doesn't want pink lips? and what if we say you would feel an immediate difference? It's True! Ikkai's Pink Me Again Lip Sleeping Mask is like a deep lip care therapy for your lips, very creamy and comforting, and it's a blend of nourishing butters that make your lips look plump and pink over time. 

Now when you have the full-proof Holi skin care guide, what are you waiting for? Go play and have fun!


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