Switch To A Green Beauty Stash This Year, A Healthy Note To Earth!

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It all started with straws and turtles, and now the globe is talking about the biggest environmental crisis in the near future - water. The world’s water reserves are getting toxic and unusable and so is our skincare stash! While hoarding on extra products and unnecessarily stocking up backups, we are cluttering our beauty cabinet and leaving behind an ocean of trash too!

That Pretty Packaging Is Pretty Dangerous

Going by the numbers, around 8 million metric tons of plastic is dumped into the world’s oceans each year. The personal care industry produces around 120 billion units of packaging every year and a huge part of these bright and beautiful bottles and glittery wraps and stickers end up in the oceans. Another shocking and indeed pathetic reveal is that the researchers have found plastic microbeads in the bellies of dead fishes, the same microbeads that have been there in our products for years; the last meal of plastic shards for who knows how many fishes and marine organisms.

The Plan We Need

Making a switch to the greener side is not so easy, but every little step count. The first rule is to strip down to basics. Skinmalism is the new goal of 2021 and it’s all about embracing your natural skin and finding ways to enhance your skin health.

Ditch the toxins and give a good detox to your beauty cabinet and your body; study ingredients, and their nature, what’s biodegradable, and what’s not. Learn about some good and bad chemicals and what they do to your skin. Try to look for Eco-Friendly Skin Care and Greener Products. You can even make a skin diary and keep a track of your daily routine and the products you use; this will help you balance several things that indirectly affect your skin health.

Instead of just switching products, try to know what you actually need. Your skin doesn’t really need that many products, it’s smarter than you think.

Track Your Progress

Go slow and be intentional, this switch should go beyond just beauty, it should become a lifestyle choice. Finish before buying and don’t fall for the hype, say goodbye to single-use products and swap them for reusable alternatives.

Cut out on cotton pads, makeup wipes, and most importantly swap your Sheet Masks for our Hydrating Souffle Face masks - no extra plastic and long-lasting healthy and hydrated skin. 

Leave products with synthetic dyes and fragrances in 2020, The beauty industry has huge plastic problems and there are no solutions waiting for us, we just have to make them.


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