Maskne Explained: Tips & Tricks to deal with it

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Worried about “Maskne”? Let’s begin with basics, for those of you who don’t know, It’s a form of acne caused due to wearing face masks regularly. This Pandemic situation is here to stay but Maskne has to go-go! We made a simple and no-nonsense guide to deal with it, the easiest way possible.

Let’s understand the reason

COVID-19 has made us SO used to masks but our skin clearly doesn’t like it. We can’t avoid masks but surely can do something about these pesky, unwanted guests. There are several reasons why your skin is feeling uneasy; Friction and Humidity are the main culprits.

When you wear too tight and uncomfortable masks, the fabric keeps rubbing against your skin and this friction can cause redness and irritation. The inside of your mask is the breeding ground for acne-causing bacteria because it traps dirt, sweat, and humidity which is then transferred to your skin. There’s a lack of oxygen for the covered part of your face which makes your skin produce surplus oil and this can cause congestion, clogged pores and breakouts.

How to fight it?

Before we move on to some real skin tips, let’s talk about hygiene. Choose a breathable mask with cotton lining on the inside, this will help to absorb the humidity inside and keep your skin dry for longer. Wash your masks regularly, avoid heavy makeup and do whatever but don’t pick your face. 

Now let’s build a routine to meet your skincare needs. Maskne can mess up your skin barrier, leaving your skin angry and irritated. To strengthen and protect your skin from external stressors, you need a full-proof soothing and hydrating plan.

  • Start with a mild, non-stripping cleanser. Post cleanse gently pat some natural rose water on your face to calm and seal your pores.
  • Use Ikkai’s Fruity Surprise face mask, it’s packed with Acai & Blueberries. The antioxidants in our berry nourishing mask will help reduce redness and calm your acne. Apply generously all over your face and neck, wash off after 10 minutes and pat dry.
  • Next up is some soufflé for your skin. Our Papaya Preserve & Orange Boost soufflés are perfectly creamy recipes for soft and hydrated skin, choose what you like and relax for 10 minutes then wash off.
  • Last step is to lock in all the fruity goodness with your favorite moisturizer.

Repeat this twice a week and on the other days, keep it minimal with just a Cleanser, Toner/Rosewater and a Moisturizer.

Why choose Ikkai? Because your skin deserves the best of nature. Our deliciously tempting skin-foods are fresh and preservative-free. Made with exotic and yummy blends, we swear all of them will spread like butter on your skin. Have you experienced Ikkai yet? Don’t forget to share your Maskne experience and tips with us, we are all ears for that.


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