Is Your Skin pH Balanced? Learn How to Care for Stripped Skin

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pH in skincare might sound a little confusing and tough to understand, but don’t worry, it’s easier than you think. To balance skin pH levels is the real deal when it comes to clean and clear skin, and we are here to help you find that missing key to your perfect skincare routine. Before we get into that, let's talk about what pH is and why it needs to be balanced.

The pH game of ‘Maintaining The Mantle’

The ideal pH of skin is 5.5, slightly acidic, but totally healthy. It’s considered healthy because this acid mantle creates a protective barrier and prevents the pollutants and bacteria from directly attacking your skin. What makes the ‘Mantle’? A mixture of sweat, oils, and dead skin cells (sometimes nasty can be nice too, that's why you shouldn’t over-exfoliate.

Now that you know it's essential to keep that balance intact, let's move further to some tips to keep it in its safe zone. But first, let's do a quick checklist for all the symptoms that might be indicating that your skin's pH is in trouble. Some products have a stripping nature, which means they'll make your skin look super clean and smooth at first but might disturb the oil balance in the long run, which eventually will lead to dryness, redness, and breakouts. 

What’s Stripping?

Now comes the most important part, how to know if your product is stripping and harsh for your skin? It's not so simple, but some factors will allow you to understand your products better.

  • 1) It shouldn't irritate your skin at all. Products that are comfortable on the skin feel light and soothing, not heavy or harsh.
  • 2) Don't go for something that claims to give some instant results; chances are it might disturb your skin barrier.
  • 3) Your products should always be gentle and soothing, better if they're hydrating, and that’s why you should never skip the toner; it hydrates and preps the skin for the rest of your routine.
  • 4) Avoid fragrances and alcohol in your skincare products and find some organic alternatives for daily essentials.

If your skin keeps breaking out and gets irritated easily, try skin-fasting and give it some rest. Skin-fasting is a method of calming your skin while giving it some time to rest and reset. During this period, use natural ingredients like aloe, milk, honey, colloidal oats, and other skin-soothing DIYs. Keep your skincare routine gentle and minimal for a week or two. Once your skin starts to recover, build a routine with low pH products, and stick to a constant set of essentials.

Build the Right Routine

The key is balancing the natural oils and using pH balanced skincare that replenishes and strengthens the skin barrier.

  • 1) Water temperature matters. Wash your face with warm water, neither hot nor cold.
  • 2) Use non-oily and hydrating products to prevent pores from clogging.
  • 3) Incorporate nourishing and hydrating face masks into your routine. Ikkai has three variants of super soft face souffle masks to nourish and replenish moisture barrier. Orange Boost Face Souffle for bright & radiant glow, Berry blush face souffle for soft & supple skin, and Papaya preserve face souffle to hydrate & replenish the skin with moisture and nutrients.
  • 4) Strip your skincare routine back to the basics, a minimal CTM with lightweight and gentle products. Stay consistent and follow it religiously. Products with Hyaluronic acid and Ceramides will help to heal and calm the skin.
  • 5) The last and most important is sun protection. Wear your SPF no matter what, even if you can’t see the sun.

Focus on maintaining the moisture balance and choose what you put on your skin wisely. Using wrong products or too much of anything can damage your skin in the long run.


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