How to remove pimples: 4 effective tips for crystal clear skin.

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It breaks our heart to discover that there’s something called ‘adult acne’ as if our teenage years weren’t hard enough.  Well, if you’re here reading this, regardless of which age group you belong to, here are some effective tips on how to reduce pimples naturally and maybe, even permanently.

Green tea bags and honey/aloe vera gel

What makes Green tea so effective is catechins! It’s a plant-based compound that has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Now, you know what to do right after that last sip of your morning beverage. Instead of throwing that tea bag, make good use of it to reduce your pimples! First, let it cool to room temperature or you can refrigerate it for few minutes, then cut the tea bags, scoop out the leaves and mix it with either honey or aloe vera gel. Apply it as a face pack every day for 15 minutes and let your skin soak it’s magic!

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Pineapple-The Super Fruit!

If you didn’t know, pineapple is known to be a great exfoliator for your skin. This juicy super fruit is packed with an enzyme, ‘Bromelain’ that fights against skin inflammation. Get that crystal clear skin with the goodness of pineapple, rich in antioxidants and vitamin C! Freshly cut the pineapples into small pieces, make a paste and add 1tsp of green tea at the end, use this as a face pack for 10 minutes. The result? A glowing, smooth skin, use it every day to reduce those zits!

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Papaya Facial

The blush of fresh papaya, the sweet-sweet flesh is fun to eat but goes even beyond! Since its enriched with the enzyme papain that reduces inflammation, it’s one of the best natural ways to get rid of your forever enemy! Get some fresh pieces, grind it well and mix lemon juice, honey and sandalwood powder to it, this DIY mask will not only get rid of your acne problems, it will also make your skin feel healthy and nourished!

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Drink your damn water!

All those face masks will definitely help you, but what will work as a catalyst in this process is drinking a good amount of water daily. Your skin needs to be hydrated and feels loved, give it everything it deserves, drink your damn water! Experts recommend drinking at least 8 glasses of water in a day, it will solve half of your skin problems, and for the other half, we’ve already given you some tips above. Get not only pimple-free skin but also a radiant glow shining from within!

We hope you’ve found these tips helpful and effective, and pray that your zits say forever goodbye to your skin very soon! Till then, see you, Toodles!


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