Face Wash Tips and Tricks: How to Look After Your Dry Skin?

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“Filters are great but have you tried healthy skin?”

Although it may sound quite harsh, the way most of us look after our skin may not be so good for our skin. Harsh chemicals, wrong face washes, and moisturizers opposite to your skin type can cause more damage than expected. On the top, only knowing about the basics of skincare will not be enough. While you cannot change your skin, you can always learn ways to look after it. All you need to do is learn what skincare products are good for you especially when you are looking for a face wash for dry skin. Here, we are sharing some cleansing tips and tricks for dry skin:

How to look after your dry skin?

Choose the right face wash

Right skin care starts with the right products. As every one of us is gifted with different skin types and colors, choosing the right cleanser or face wash is the first step toward skincare. When it comes to dry skin, you should always aim for a moisturizing face wash that hydrates your dry skin while gently cleansing it. As experts suggest “when looking for ingredients go with petrolatum, shea butter, mineral oil, lanoline, and others that leave a thin layer of moisture on the skin.” Fortunately, brand names like IKKAI offer a range of face washes for dry skin that can help you moisturize your skin and prevent breakage.

Start the night skincare routine with face wash

It sounds so tempting to go straight to bed after a hectic day at work but no matter how good it looks in your head, it is certainly not healthy for your skin. No matter how exhausted you are, it is important to wash your dry skin before hitting the bed. As you have spent the whole day out your skin has built a layered mix of makeup, bacteria, sunscreen, dead skin cells, dirt, and natural oil. This layer can block the pores on the skin leading to inflammation and skin infection. Therefore, before sleeping wash your face gently with the best face wash available for your skin.

Take precautions in summer

Regardless of your skin type, you must take extra precautions to protect your skin during the summertime especially when you are already suffering from dry skin. Wash your face with the best face wash or cleanser and then apply the broad-spectrum sunscreen with a 30 SPF every day. Also, limit down your time in the sun and after washing your face in the night, apply moisturizer, seek shades and cover up as much as possible to reduce the UV rays damage on your skin.  

Wash your face if you are sweating heavily

In summer, dry skin suffers the most from scorching heat. As a result, your skin sweats every time you step out. Dermatologists suggest “people with dry skin should wash their face once in the morning, once in the night, as well as right after they sweat to prevent the cracks.” Covering your face with clothes and masks can further irritate the skin. Hence, you need to wash off your skin as soon as possible with the alcohol-free face wash. 

Use fragrance-free skincare products

Skincare products that have strong fragrances often contain alcohol and chemicals that can be harsh for dry skin. Therefore, it is important to keep them at bay while only using products that are labeled as “fragrance-free”. Moreover, you must know that fragrance-free and unscented are two different things, and just because a skincare product is unscented doesn’t mean it is free from chemicals. Hence, choose your care products for dry skin with extra precautions.

At IKKAI BEAUTY, we believe the right skincare starts with the right face wash. Are you using the ideal face wash for your skin type? Learn what is the right face wash for your dry skin by visiting the website today! 


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