Care from Home: How to Look After Your Oily Skin with Home Remedies?

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“A beautiful skin requires commitment, not a miracle cream”

Oily skin is one of the most common skin conditions. As a result of the overproduction of sebum- a natural face oil, the condition certainly presents some unique challenges like acne breakout, oily complexion, pimples, and more.

While you cannot change your skin, you can certainly change your oily skin care routine to avoid skin-related problems and make your skin look and feel better.  

How to get rid of oily skin on the face? Well, the shortest answer to this question is “home remedies”.

Although visiting expensive parlors and spas can give your skin an instant glow, it is not a long-term or reliable solution for your oily face. Managing oily skin requires a commitment to the right skincare routine. Here we will discuss some of the tried and tested skincare remedies for oily faces.

How to control oil on the face?

A majority of people who have an oily face create a skincare routine based on assumptions rather than figures and facts. For instance, they believe they need to drain the oil out to make their skin healthy while the truth is our skin produces excess oil to cover the lack of moisturization. Hence, draining out your skin completely will not help it. In other words, they need to come up with the right skincare routine to look after their oily skin.

To take out the guesswork from the skincare routine, we decided to consult with different dermatologists and as a result; a simple easy to follow skincare routine for oily skin. Here are steps you need to follow closely:

Start with cleansing your face

“The right skincare routine starts with the deep cleansing and if your skin happens to be oily then, it may need more cleansing than others.” Says a skincare specialist at IKKAI.

Although many people cleanse their skin twice a day, it is extremely important to those who have oily skin. Compared to others, people with oily skin have more tolerance for cleansing. Hence, they can give their skin a complete cleanse without damaging it. While choosing the right oily skincare products among the available options avoid:

·         Harsh soaps

·         Face washes with chemicals

·         Cleansers with added moisturizers

As these can contribute to more sebum production. As starting with organic products are always safe, go with IKKAI Beauty Mint Mojito Facewash to remove excess oil and nourish your skin inside out. 

Use a toner

After the deep cleansing the next thing your skin needs is a toner to clean if any makeup or dirt particles are left in the pores to avoid any infection. Moreover, choosing the toner, avoid using alcohol-based toner as they can completely dry out the skin and cause inflammation which can further lead to more sebum production.

Try the toner on the small area of the skin to see if it suits you. If not, immediately wash it off with the water.

Treat your skin gently

Once you have cleansed your skin and applied toner to remove oil from the face the next thing you need to do is pat it gently with a cloth. It is highly recommended to go with the soft cloth that will gently dry out the skin to prepare it for the next step of the “how to treat oily skin” routine.

Use blotting paper

Oily skin is one of the most common skin types in India, and due to the high demand dozens of companies produce both medicinal and cloth pads to aid people to absorb excess oil from the face.  

Although the blotting paper is not an oily skin remedy and will not treat the sebum production it can be used to drain out the excess oil to make the skin look less shiny.

Put on a mask

There are hundreds of face masks available in the market- each created to fulfill the particular skin requirement. Fortunately, using certain facial masks can also help to treat oily skin but in order to do so, you need to make sure they contain ingredients like:

·         Honey: Natural honey has antibacterial qualities that help to reduce the acne breakout while keeping the skin healthy and glowing.

·         Clay: This natural ingredient is known for its great absorption qualities that may come in handy when you are aiming to eliminate excess oil without irritating the skin.

·         Blueberry: Rich with antioxidant properties, blueberry mask from IKKAI can help you to balance the sebum production and make the skin all nourished and glowing.

Try IKKAI Beauty  Skin Care Combo for desired results.

Proceed with the moisturizer

“What? Moisturiser? But I already have oily skin, why do I need more?”

Moisturising your skin is very important even if you have oily skin.

Every skin type despite the access or low sebum production needs moisturizer but it depends on what type of moisturizer you are using. What specialists recommend to control face oil? Well, you should go for:

·         Water-based moisturizer

·         Light-weighted moisturizer

·         Free of oil-base moisturizer

You can also try IKKAI Beauty Get Lit Illuminator (Strobe Moisturiser), Pearl Matte Gloss, to moisturizer oily skin.

Other steps to look after your oily skin

Once you have found the skincare routine that works with oily skin, the next step is to follow it regularly to fulfill your goal of achieving healthy and happy skin.

Choose your products wisely

Oily skin has special requirements and messing with any of it can only trigger access sebum production or worse, cause acne breakout and pimple.

Hence, it is advised to go with natural skincare products that are free of any chemicals.

Try IKKAI Beauty Oil Soaker Combo for better skin.

Struggling to find the right oily skincare products? Well, it is time you visit IKKAI to choose from a range of skincare products infused with organic ingredients like green tea to help balance the access oil while delivering the necessary moisture to the oily skin. Feel free to reach out to the professionals to learn more! 


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